Mauritian napolitaine 


These ‘melt in mouth’ delicacies can be found in most bakeries in Mauritius.

They also very popular at weddings, birthdays and other parties. The tradional one are usually pink round ones. However there are different variation in the icing these days for different events. 

They normally enjoyed with a nice cup of tea or on their own.


250 mg unsalted butter (room temperature)

375 mg plain flour

Good quality raspberry or strawberry jam

Icing sugar

Food colouring of your choice


Cut butter in small piece and mix them with flour.

I normally use a food mixer.

However you can use ur fingers and rub in the butter with flour until it all comes together in a dough.

Do not add extra flour or water to dough.

Roll the dough to about 1cm thickness.

If it is too soft. Put in fridge for 10-15 min

Roll dough and cut in desired shape

Place in oven at 180 deg Celsius or 170 deg in fan oven

Bake until the edges look it start to brown.  That normally takes about 15-20 minutes

Let it cool for few hours. I normally leave them to cool overnight.

Sandwich two pieces with jam.

Mix icing with water to make a thick paste. Add colour as desired.

Coat as in picture. You can choose different ways of decorating them

Enjoy !

Let me know if you try it


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