Chicken lollipop 

img_4045Another family favourite. It takes a while to skin the wings and shape them.  However it is always a pleasure seeing my little boy holding the lollipop and eating them. All the effort always pays out.

I have adapted my recipe by changing and altering a few recipes


10 chicken wings

2 Tblsp garlic paste

2 Tblsp light soya sauce

1 tsp vinegar

1 Tblsp paprika

2 Tblsp cornflour

1 egg

Pepper and salt  to taste

Sesame seeds

First of all prepare the wings into lollipops shape.

There is a few step by step instruction on YouTube

Marinate the lollipops in garlic, soya sauce, paprika , vinegar , salt and pepper for a few hours or in fridge overnight.

Add egg and cornflour about 15-20 min before frying.

Coat in sesame seeds if you like

Deep fry on medium heat until done

Serve with chilli sauce or ketchup or chutney

Enjoy !


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