Roast lamb

Perfect roast dinner . This is mildly spiced roast that is ideal for the whole family

The lamb is marinated for 24 hours for perfect taste

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Banana Tart ( tarte banane)

This is one of my favourite afternoon snack. You can buy ‘tarte banane’ in any bakery in Mauritius. I remember my mum baking them from scratch at home.

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Chicken nibblet curry

This a very mild curry that is good for kids. Nibblets cook very quickly

You can add some green chillies if you want some heat

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These are melt in mouth Indian style cookies.  You can store them in an airtight container. They can last for days. In our house they are usually eaten within a few days.

I have childhood memories when my mum used to bake them. The whole house used to smell  of a sweet welcoming cardamon fragrance.

It is usually accompanied by a lovely cup of tea.

They are so easy and quick to make. My little boy loves to dunk it in warm milk.

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Fried chicken( poulet frit)

Another family favourite. As a child , I remember mum making this dish at least once a week.

We usually eat it with boiled rice and lentils or dhall. A nice pickle on the side always add a bit of a kick. My little boy likes it with dhall and rice. My husband is not a big fan of rice. So he normally has chips and salad with his. It is very easy and simple to make with only a few ingredients.  I prefer chicken on bone as it taste better. You can use boneless chicken if you want

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Mauritian napolitaine 


These ‘melt in mouth’ delicacies can be found in most bakeries in Mauritius.

They also very popular at weddings, birthdays and other parties. The tradional one are usually pink round ones. However there are different variation in the icing these days for different events.  Continue reading